Sol-Orr’s Nigel and Sol-Orr’s Nordyn

Date of Birth: March 5, 2019
Sire: MCH Sol-Orr’s Sweet Nate
Dam: Sol-Orr’s Cute Nandina

Pictured above to the left is Sol-Orr’s Nigel and to the right is Sol-Orr’s Nordyn. Both boys have blue eyes, I don’t know if they will stay blue, sometimes they do and then sometimes they don’t. Both parents have marbled blue eyes. These boys are being offered for sale at $800 each.

Above are updated pictures of the Nigel and Nordyn. These pictures were taken April11, 2019. Both boys still have bright blue eyes and are developing nicely.

Below to the left is the sire: MCH Sol-Orr’s Sweet Nate and beside him is the dam: Sol-Orr’s Cute Nandina.