Sol-Orr’s Mickanopee

pronouced: mick-ah-NO-pee

Date of Birth: February 2, 2016
Sire: MCH Sol-Orr’s Whippoorwill
Dam: Sol-Orr’s Madison


Mickanopee is what I believe a Mini Silky Buck should look like. He is miniature in size, has a great ear set, tons of hair in his face and chest and makes you think of a silky terrier when you look at him. His body coat is still coming in and I expect it will be much longer by spring. He tends to rub along the fences which breaks it off. He has a level topline and good substance when you put your hands on him.

Mick is what I had in mind when I wrote the standard for the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat. I hope that his size and look will catch on and we will see more like him in the show ring in the future.

Mick was shown at the 2018 fall shows and was awarded 3 Reserve Grand Champions. He will be at the shows in 2019, hopefully to do better. The judges don’t really know what to do with him as he is quite a bit smaller than what is being exhibited in the show ring today. I feel that we need to exhibit our smaller goats though and really start to concentrate on bringing the size down to the ideal sizes stated in the written standard. Maybe Mick and I will see you at a show this coming year.