Sol-Orr’s Mary Phileena

Sol-Orr's Mary Phileena   Sol-Orr's Mary Phileena

Date of Birth: January 2, 2017

Update: Mary Phileena delivered a beautiful doeling this year, Sol-Orr’s Mary Phia. She is SOLD – Thank you Roxanne!

Above is Sol-Orr’s Mary Phileena. She is a beautiful Mini Nubian doeling with lots of color and good breed characteristics. She is a second generation Mini Nubian. Her mother is an excellent milker with good capacity, giving nearly a gallon of milk a day, and has good udder attachment. My Mini Nubian Does are working milkers that feed the bottle raised kids on the farm, so their milking ability is very important to me. Below are pictures of the sire and dam and there is a link to Mary Phileena’s pedigree at the bottom of the page. Thank you for looking.

Sol-Orr's Mariposa   Stoney Ridge's Reggie

To the left is the dam: Sol-Orr’s Mariposa, First generation. On the right is the sire: Stone Ridge’s Reginald, 5th generation.

Mary Phileena’s Pedigree