Sol-Orr’s Madison

MSFGA# 125Sol-Orr's Madison

DOB: September 29, 2005

Sire: Bayshore’s Rogues Pierre
Dam: Morgan

Sol-Orr’s Madison’s Pedigree


More About Madison

Sol-Orr's Madison  Sol-Orr's Madiosn  Sol-Orr's Madison

Madison pictured above at 8 weeks old, 10 months, and 2 years. Madison is Monroe’s twin sister. She didn’t develop a coat as quickly as her brother did, she appears to have more coat at 8 weeks than she did at 10 months, but she starts looking better by the time she reached 2 years.

Sol-Orr's Madison  Sol-Orr's Madison  
Madison pictured here at 4 years old.
Now check her out at 4 years old, her head furnishings, chest hair and coat are well established now.
Does can take up to 4 years to come into full coat and when they do, they take your breath away.