Mini Nubian Does for Sale

Sol-Orr’s Mary Phia

Date of Birth: March 31, 2019 Sire: Golden Plains Rocket Dam: Sol-Orr’s Mary Phileena 3rd Generation – American Mini Nubian This is Mary Phia. She is an adorable little doe with a gorgeous head, great ears and good type. SOLD – Thank you Roxanne.

Sol-Orr’s Mary Pepper’s Triplets

Date of Birth: March 8, 2019 Sire: Golden Plains Rocket Dam: Sol-Orr’s Mary Pepper Third generation American Mini Nubian kids   Above is Sol-Orr’s Max. He’s very colorful and really cute. SOLD – Thank you Walker and Teressa. This is Mary Pippin in the photos above. She is very elegant and feminine. Retained The third […]

Sol-Orr’s Penny and Sol-Orr’s Pippa

Date of Birth: February 9, 2019 Sire: Golden Plains Rocket Dam: Sol-Orr’s Penina 2nd Generation   Above is Penny. She is a deep red with white poll, ears and spots. Her sire is my new herd sire and so far has done a good job producing striking kids. SOLD – Thank you Karen and Sam. […]

Sol-Orr’s Mary Phileena

   Date of Birth: January 2, 2017 Update: Mary Phileena delivered a beautiful doeling this year, Sol-Orr’s Mary Phia. She is SOLD – Thank you Roxanne! Above is Sol-Orr’s Mary Phileena. She is a beautiful Mini Nubian doeling with lots of color and good breed characteristics. She is a second generation Mini Nubian. Her mother […]